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Exemple de template pour un type Dexterity "Libération"

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"

<metal:css fill-slot="style_slot">
<style type="text/css">


<metal:javascript fill-slot="javascript_head_slot">
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(function($) {
    // Replace this with your view's custom onLoad-jQuery-code.


<metal:content-core fill-slot="content-core">
    <metal:content-core define-macro="content-core"
                        tal:define="widgets nocall:context/@@view">

       <!-- Replace this with the HTML layouf of your custom view.

       The widgets-variable, which is defined above, gives you access
       to the field widgets of your custom fields through the built-in
       default view included in Dexterity (but only for the fields that
       are visible in the built-in default view, excluding e.g. widgets
       for Dublin Core metadata fields).

       It's crucial to use the available widgets for rendering
       RichText-fields, but widgets also do some special formatting for
       numeric fields, at least. In general, it's a good practice to
       use the widget for rendering the field value.

       You can render a field widget (e.g. for **Rich Text** -field or
       **File Upload** -field) with the following TAL-syntax:

       <div tal:replace="structure widgets/++widget++shortnameofmyfield/render">
            This will be replaced with the rendered content of the field.

       Widgets for fields of activated behaviors are prefixed with the
       interface of the behavior:

       <div tal:replace="structure widgets/++widget++IMyBehavior.fieldname/render">
            This will be replaced with the rendered content of the field.

       Images are best rendred with, like:

       <img tal:replace="structure context/@@images/shortnameofmyfield/thumb" />

       You can define the available sizes (e.g. **thumb**) in **Site

       Finally, you can always get and render values manually, like
       required for hidden Dublin Core -fields:

       <p>Last updated:
       <span tal:define="modification_date context/modification_date"

 <h3 class="headline">Libération</h3>

<div tal:replace="structure widgets/++widget++name/render"></div>
<div tal:replace="structure widgets/++widget++course/render"></div>
<div tal:replace="structure widgets/++widget++tasks/render"></div>



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